Come and chill with us in the Big Easy – one of our most popular tours! On our virtual tour of New Orleans, we will walk the streets of the French Quarter and check out some of its famous busker activities. You’ll start feeling your stomach grumble as we discuss the city’s famous cuisine, with dishes like crawfish, gumbo, po’ boys, and of course, beignets. Learn what wards are and how New Orleanians identify themselves based on what part of the city they’re from. Along the way, we’ll hit a second line and learn about this famous New Orleans tradition. NOLA is famous for its music, and you’ll learn about famous jazz artists like Louis Armstrong and also some hip-hop legends from the city. We check out some of the colleges in the area so students will have an idea of the options they have in this incredible city. Of course, no tour of New Orleans would be complete without talking about Mardi Gras – we take you out of the French Quarter and learn about how the city’s natives celebrate.

Tour highlights include:

  • French Quarter
  • New Orleans Cuisine
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Music of the Big Easy
  • Wards
  • NOLA festivals
  • Mardi Gras
  • Southern University, Xavier, Dillard, and Loyola.
  • Studio BE art studio