About CE Tours

About CE Tours

Since 1997, CE Tours has assisted educators worldwide in arranging life altering travel experiences for student groups. Specializing in working with TRiO, charter, magnet, and international schools worldwide, CE is dedicated to truly customized educational encounters, creating a product that is genuinely authentic and unlike anything else available in the industry. CE arranges all travel accommodations for student trips, including lodging, transportation and required meals. In addition, we take great care in planning any special activities specific to the groups’ customized learning goals, such as workshops, seminars, and educational sessions. Every tour includes a full-time tour director and an experienced tour consultant to help with each step of your journey.

Our knowledgeable tour consultants are available to answer any questions that arise for group leaders, students, and their parents. Our staff will work with you from the conception to the completion of your journey and all points in between. CE Tours is more than an educational travel firm; we are your partners in education. Over the years, countless educators and parents have agreed that our irreplaceable travel experiences have only added to their school or organization, allowing us to become one of the fastest growing providers of educational travel for student groups in the country. Our focus on quality accommodations, great customer service and support, and in-depth educational experience sets us apart from other providers.

What We Believe

For nearly 20 years, we’ve taken students all across the world and we’ve maintained a PERFECT track record for student safety. Simply put: Every student that has traveled with us has returned home safe and sound… All of them. We prioritize the safety of all parties during our tours. Perhaps we’ve been lucky. Perhaps it’s our careful planning, attention to detail, and meticulous selection process for our vendors and travel partners. The people, precautions, processes, and contingency plans we have in place are not just things we do — it’s the cornerstone of our business.

Who We Are

On each trip, CE sends a trained and experienced
tour director with your group to help ensure
quality and safety. While touring, your
tour director is constantly monitoring and
planning in order to avoid any potential pitfalls
or hurdles that may arise throughout the day.

Night Security

For all platinum and gold package options, CE
provides private security at your hotel every
night (unless advised otherwise by the group
leader). This security staff is hired by CE to
monitor the hallways of the groups’ hotel
typically during the hours of 11 PM to 5:00 AM,
ensuring no one comes in or out.

24 Hour Support

In addition to the onsite tour director, CE offers a
24-hour emergency contact line if any issues occur during the tour. This emergency line is provided to the group leader(s) during the planning process and gives them immediate access to a staff member who can

Our Team

Von Harden - Vice President | College Access Programs

For over 25 years, Von has been working in the student travel industry with prior experience as a high school educator. Von is originally from San Francisco, raised in Detroit, and is the product of a single parent home in a highly underserved community. He attended Florida A&M University and currently contributes to our success at CE by connecting with college access communities, always learning new ways on how we can best help serve the students of our future. His hobbies include spending time with friends and family, holding them as huge priorities in his life.

Claudia Brooks - General Manager

Claudia has enjoyed working in the travel industry since 2003, starting as a tour director leading tours throughout North America. She has a passion for providing memorable experiences for students with the hope that they will be inspired to continue their learning and development through future travel. Her previous experience working with child protective services has also provided insight into the challenges underserved communities face, which is why the motivation to provide eye-opening experiences for these students is paramount.

Lexie Jackson- Loran - Director of Tour Operations

Lexie was born and raised in Texas, now residing in Tennessee. She is a military spouse currently working towards a Bachelors of Psychology degree with a minor in Health Sciences. Lexie contributes to our success by providing unique travel experiences by creating educational itineraries to include once in a lifetime opportunities.

Melissa Costa - Contracting Manager

With over 15 years of travel experience, Melissa is a strong asset to CE Tours. She currently resides in Rhode Island but was raised in Europe — and even speaks three languages! Melissa comes from a background in product development, management, and contracting.

Amanda Ponce - Marketing Manager

Amanda is based in NYC, with an MS in digital marketing and BA in psychology. She comes from an agency background and prior experience working with nonprofits. Amanda is dedicated to the mission of CE Tours and is grateful to play a part in helping students all over the country.

Lichen Shepherd - Sales Coordinator

Lichen comes to CE Tours as an event planner & educator from the Midwest, the Southeast, and the desert, too. After earning her degree in Industrial Design from GA Tech, Lichen started an event planning company in Atlanta, GA. With CE Tours she continues to inspire students and open their worlds just as she has the past 10 years as an art teacher in underserved communities in Arizona.

Join Us!

Has a wise person ever told you to, “Do what you love and love what you do”? At CE Tours, we actually provide you with an opportunity to do just that. We arrange rewarding and life-changing educational travel experiences for students worldwide. Everyday, you’ll know that the work you’re doing is providing a young person a fun and exciting learning experience an, quite possibly, shaping her/his future forever…. It just doesn’t get more rewarding than that.


We offer competitive compensation packages which includes great vacation time, numerous travel opportunities, attractive bonuses, and flexible work schedules. We are constantly seeking outside sales and marketing representatives, tour directors, and administrative staff for our Dallas. Ft. Worth area office.


Contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can get involved today!