Virtual Cuba Experience

Our virtual tour of Cuba will fascinate educators and students alike – everyone learns so much about this place that can seem so mysterious to U.S. Americans. Walk the streets of several major cities and learn about their history and people. Find out the challenges Cubans face doing something we take for granted every day – using the internet! Learn what the education system is like for Cuban students. Hear the sounds of a few of the 26 unique Cuban rhythms born on the island and see a performance of Tumba Francesa – which was created by enslaved Africans and is now on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list. Learn about US-Cuban relations, the embargo, and the effect on the Cuban people.

Tour highlights:

  • Havana
  • Guantanamo City
  • Cuban music and Tumba Francesa
  • Education in Cuba
  • Corals of Jardines de la Reina
  • Cienfuegos
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • US-Cuban relations and the embargo
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Cuban economy and jobs