Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Virtual Experience

Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Virtual Experience

Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Virtual Experience

This tour covers two fascinating countries: the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia & Bahrain from the Middle-Eastern region. Saudi is one of the most mysterious countries in the world and among the last nations to open its doors to the world of tourism. Students will learn about Arab culture and traditions. Get a glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s ultra-conservative society. Saudi is the largest producer of oil and petroleum in the world – learn about its discovery. Get to know about the Bedouin nomadic history and how a barren desert land turned into one of the richest countries of today with breathtaking skyscrapers touching its skies. Of course, we visit Mecca and learn about the Hajj, the pilgrammage every Muslim must make once in their life.

Next, we’ll take a road trip to the nearby island country of Bahrain, famously known as “The Las Vegas of the Middle East” and “The Pearl City” for its relaxed and liberal society, which is a contrast to Saudi Arabia, and forms an archipelago of fifty small natural islands.

Tour highlights include:

Saudi Arabia

  • Customs & traditions
  • Saudi clothing & foods
  • Glimpse into the royal family
  • Islamic Shariah laws practiced in the kingdom
  • Mecca and the Hajj
  • Riyadh – The capital city
  • Camel festival


  • Geographical features
  • Pearl trade history
  • Qalat Al Bahrain
  • Tree of life