Mid-Atlantic College Tour

Mid-Atlantic College Tour

The Mid-Atlantic possesses the United States capitol and many other jewels of the country. This college tour explores some amazing colleges and universities, including liberal arts, small, large, and inner-city campuses. Additionally, students are given an exciting lesson in history visiting some of our country’s greatest landmarks.

Let us show you why Trio and Gear Up programs nationwide say we offer THE BEST experiences in the industry! Here is a sample of the college options available to you (admissions workshops subject to school availability):

    • American University
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Temple University
    • Swarthmore College
    • Haverford College
    • Georgetown University
    • George Washington University
    • Howard University


    • Independence Hall
    • Constitution Hall
    • National Museum of Crime and Punishment
    • Tour of DC Monuments and Memorials
    • Ghost Tour of Old Alexandria
    • Orioles or Phillies baseball game

There’s so much to do and see in this region. Request a quote today!