California Tech Tour-The STEM of Silicon Valley

California Tech Tour-The STEM of Silicon Valley

California STEM Tour

Take your students to the technology capital of the world on a California STEM tour! Silicon Valley is the place to get students intrigued in computer science and other STEM careers. They will have up-close interactions with powerful companies that depend on the fundamentals of programming and computing, data management and cybersecurity.

There are a number of options to choose from on your FULLY CUSTOMIZED tour. Here is a sample  of options to choose from:

  • The Tech Interactive
  • Tour Stanford University
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • Carnegie Melon NASA Campus
  • Computer History Museum
  • Tesla Motors showroom
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • Rosicrucian Museum
  • Tour San Francisco

Photo stops could include Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, HP Garage, or Facebook Headquarters. You can add other museums and attractions that your students will enjoy. Our tour planners are ready to build a great itinerary with you!