Simple Steps for Sure Success

We take all of the “figuring out” and guess work out of planning your trip. Below are the 5 simple steps that we will walk you through in order to ensure a successful trip with your students. While we certainly make planning your trip convenient and easy, it can still take time; Let’s start get started TODAY!

5 Steps For Planning
Your Trip
step 1

Let’s Start Pursuing Where We’re Going and What We’re Doing

  • Contact one of our expert tour consultants and advise them of your goals for this trip. You’ll work together to understand your destination ideas, educational goals, dates, budget restrictions, and more.
  • Your tour manager will take that information a develop a proposal that is perfect for your group; or we’ll keep trying until we get it right!
step 2

“Getting the Blessing For What We’re Suggesting”

  • If this will be a district / school sponsored trip, you’ll need to take the proper steps to get approval. We will provide you with the necessary information and walk you through this process easily.
  • If this is not a school sponsored trip, you still may want to run it by your principal to make sure that it’s “all good”. Note: Most of the tours that we do are NOT school sponsored. Either way, we can help.
step 3

“The Time is Now Prudent for Recruiting your Students”

Spread the word in your classes and throughout your school. Announce the tour plans to your students and get them excited about the trip. We can provide you with custom flyers that you can post around the school.

step 4

“No Trip is Apparent without a nod from the Parents”

  • Collect your returned “parent interest meeting letters” and prepare for your meeting by requesting our “Parent meeting presentation”
  • Conduct your meeting using your customized meeting PowerPoint presentation. Also, be sure to provide parents the CE sign up form so that participants can register on the spot.
step 5

“When They Register and Pay, Your Trip’s here to stay”

  • Register and manage your group online at Your tour consultant will provide you with a login ID for you as the group leader and one to give your students to register as a participant.
  • Have your students go online to register and pay their deposits.

Need a little guidance in choosing the perfect trip? We're here to help!