We Support our Partners in Education… They Deserve it!

CE has developed the Educator Appreciation and Support Program to show our recognition to the teachers, counselors, and administrators that go above and beyond the call of duty to make trips a reality for their students. Often times, educators are overworked and underappreciated for even their normal daily duties. An educator that commits to additional time and responsibility is truly displaying their dedication and passion for education. At CE Tours, we feel that this level of commitment should be rewarded.

In addition, unlike many other educational tour companies, we don’t employ a large national sales force. In order to grow, we rely on the educators that know us best to share their wonderful experiences with their friends and colleagues. For these reasons, CE Tours offers 2 levels of several excellent incentives in our program that educators can benefit from.

Gold Incentives

Flexible Free Travel for Group Leaders

CE provides free travel for group leaders. For “Open Tours” (see our Private Tours vs. Open Tours page), groups get 1 non-paying group leader or chaperone free per 6 students registered. For private tours, while we recommend 1 per 10, we let you decide how many non-paying chaperone you want to attend.

Referral Bonuses

Educators can earn cash rewards for recommending CE Tours to their friends and colleagues. Educator earn up to $1,000 per new referral, once the tour is booked with us; there is NO LIMIT to these bonuses. So, if you don’t travel with your students, but you know someone who does, please send them our way!

Meeting Bonuses

CE Tours rewards group leaders for successfully following our “Simple Steps for Sure Success” process. Once the parent meeting has been and successfully completed, send us your sign-in contact sheet and we’ll send you a $200 cash stipend.

Platinum Incentives

All Gold Level Incentives

Group leaders will automatically receive the Free Travel, Meeting Bonus, and Referral Bonuses.

Travel Rewards

Each year, CE Tours offers free travel bonuses such as hotels stays, cruises, and airline tickets for early registration and off–season that may be running.In addition, for loyal clients, CE Tours offers entire free vacations to destinations such as New York, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica.

Group Bonuses

You’ll earn a special group bonus for your recruiting and planning work. For registering travelers on a private group tour, you’ll be rewarded the following:

For tours within the U.S. and Canada

  • 20-25 paid travelers = $800
  • 26-30 paid travelers = $1,050
  • 31-35 paid travelers = $1,250
  • 36-40 paid travelers = $1,500
  • 41-45 paid travelers = $1,700
  • 46-50 paid travelers = $2,000

For all international tours

  • 20-25 paid travelers = $1,000
  • 26-30 paid travelers = $1,300
  • 31-35 paid travelers = $1,550
  • 36-40 paid travelers = $1,800
  • 41-45 paid travelers = $2,000
  • 46-50 paid travelers = $2,300

(if you have over 50, please call us directly for more info)