What happens if a student has to cancel?

All cancellations and requests for refunds must be addressed in writing and mailed
to CE Tours, PO BOX 423, Allen, TX 75013 . Please include the students name, Tour
ID number, and complete address. The refund process takes approximately four to
six weeks.


Please note that all private group tour prices are based strictly on a minimum quoted number of participants.  If a cancellation causes your groups total number of participants to fall below that minimum, the price of the tour for the remaining students is subject to increase.

How can payments be made?

Group leaders have the option of making group payments or having the group’s participants make payments individually online. If the group payment option is selected, participants will submit payment to the school or group leader via check. If the online payment option is selected, participants will register and pay in the registration section of our website.

When are payments due?

Ce works together with the group leader to determine the payment dates for each tour. The final balance for all tour in North America is due no later than 30 prior to the scheduled date of departure; for international tours, final payment is due no later than 45 days prior to departure.

Tell me about hotel rooming assignments

For tours in North America, there will be 4 students assigned to a room and 2 adults assigned to a room. For international tours, there will be 3 students assigned to a room and 2 adults per room. Group leaders can request in advance to have fewer students and/or adults assigned per room, which may increase the cost of the tour. Students will share rooms other participants of the same gender and will be assigned by the group leader.