Playing Through History

Nat Wheeler, For Crown or Colony
Nat Wheeler, For Crown or Colony

If you’re in search of an interactive way to engage your 5th-8th-grade history students then can help. This online game allows students to explore topics in history, such as Colonialism, Slavery, the Great Depression, and the Holocaust by walking in the steps of people from those periods. Get your students to learn through play here:

San Diego Symphony

San Diego Symphony
San Diego Symphony

Performance educators looking for an activity for their middle and high school students in California may enjoy the San Diego Symphony. In addition to performing, students can enjoy 1001 Symphonic Tales: The Magic of Scheherazade in October or Beat Quest! A Musical Journey through Rhythm, Time and Place in February and March 2018. Some schools qualify for free transportation. Find out if you qualify here:

Baggage Check Made Easy


Keeping track of luggage when traveling with students by plane can be difficult. But a new app has been developed to ease some of the hassle traveling educators may face. This app allows you to check-in and schedule pickup for your luggage from anywhere. Avoid the long lines and check out this article for a solution:

Need A Packing List?


If you’re planning a trip with your students, parents will have many questions about what to pack. Packing lists can vary based on the trip itinerary, weather/season and, of course, destination. This website offers educators and parents the ability to create a customized packing list based on these and other factors. Test it out here:

Human Geography In NYC

Chinatown, New York
Chinatown, New York

Bring your human geography class to life with a visit to New York City. Students can explore topics such as Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use with a visit to an urban farm. New York City’s “Ethnic Enclaves” and Ellis Island can highlight themes such as Population and Migration, and Cultural Patterns and Processes. Try rejuvenating your students and course content here:

Air Travel Documentation: State ID or Passport?


Is your state ready for the REAL ID Act of 2005? Starting January 22, 2018 air travelers from states not in compliance with the act may need to show a passport to get through TSA.  While some states have filed for extensions, only about half of the states in the United States are ready for this new rule. If you have out of state travel plans with your students in 2018 and will be flying, you may want to consider this new act.
Find out if your state is ready here:

Hispanic Heritage Month


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in the classroom from September 15th to October 15th. This month was set aside to highlight the important contributions of the Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States. This article provides multiple out-of-the-classroom activities that can provide science, mathematics and social studies lesson plans.
Read More here:

Discovering STEM in Texas

Perot Museum, Dallas TX
Perot Museum, Dallas TX

We’ve all heard of the STEM hot spots like California and Florida, but if you’re travelling on a budget or looking to explore these topics in a new city, you may find your answer in Texas. The Dallas-Ft. Worth area offers amazing and educational zoos, aquariums, and museums. Look up these attractions here:

Founding a Nation

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Enhance your United States Government and Politics class with a trip to Washington DC to highlight topics such as Constitutional Underpinnings and Political Beliefs and Behaviors. Students can explore the pillars of democracy in Washington DC and the trials faced by this nation in its younger years in Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
Your students can experience a fun trip to the past here:

Trip Funding with Education Grants


There are a million ways to fund raise for a school trip. But fundraising has its limits. One option to consider is searching for educational grants or donors to assist you. Utilize associations and donors who share your vision that educational travel is integral to student development.
Learn more about these organizations here: